My little town Ejido Ignacio López

This article is about my little town in Chiapas that saw me grow up.

In Mexico I lived in Ejido Ignacio López 🥰, Chiapas. It is a beautiful town with its fields and its beaches. By car, the beach ‘the hook’ is about 15 minutes from my home. In the beach, there is a swimming pool and you can eat fish. Here in Maryland, you have to take everything with you to the beach (like food) and my town you can buy it there. You could play ball and swim. We will always leave early to go to the beach and come back in the evening, burned by the sun.

In my town, people work in farms with the bananas and plantains. At night we often went to the central park to play basketball. There was more freedom than in Baltimore because here you can’t go out at night because they can rob you, and I don’t have any money! The tamales there are different from the ones here, everything, even the eggs do not taste the same. Not many people live in my little town and they are all houses with families.

In my town, there are a lot of the dogs and cats hungry in the streets and instead here you have to take care of them like your children. My sister had a puppy named Nena.

The closest airport to visit my town is in Tapachula. This city is about one and a half by car. Walking takes like two days! My town is near the border with Guatemala. We used to go to the city to shop food. At the border, you can hear other languages besides Spanish.

There, we ride our bikes more than driving cars. We usually use the car to go to the city. Well, here in Baltimore you use a car for almost everything but not in my town. My neighborhood, as they say, is small, but very beautiful is the place that saw me grow up and for that reason alone it will always be in my heart❤